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plans to swap the suspected spies for an accused u.s. spy being held in russia. u.s. officials have not commented on those reports. >>> we will soon learn more about what police found during searches related to the murder of a university of virginia lacrosse player. a judge has ordered police records in the case against 22- year-old george huguely of chevy chase to be unsealed. he is accused of killing 22- year-old yeardley love in may. the medical examiner said she was killed by a blunt force injury to the head. >>> police investigating the murder of vanessa pham have a nickel. they believe surveillance video of her toyota taken minutes before she was killed. they believe she was driving the car out of the fairfax plaza shopping center on june 27. it is not clear if she was alone in the video or if she was threatened at knifepoint. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. >>> d.c. has seen an increase in the number of sexual assaults. the largest has been in the seventh district, east of anacostia and potomac rivers. police memos obtained showed that serious sexua
if this country is attacked by neighboring colombia. the u.s. is the biggest buyer of a venezuelan oil. if he carries out the threat, it would be a big blow to his own country's economy. >>> wall street is looking to keep its momentum going as corporate earnings season heats up. stocks surged last week, with the dow jones adding 226 points. profits are booming at some of the nation's biggest companies, sending garrett shares higher. eight out of 10 companies have beat expectations. burger king is looking to take a bite out of mcdonald's breakfast business. it's launching a kids breakfast meals starting today that would include an egg and cheese sandwich, apple slices, apple juice, and a toy. the fest would market is currently dominated by mcdonald's. >>> leonardo dicaprio's will be held on to the top spot for the second straight week, earning another $43 million. that beat angelina jolie's new spy thriller. coming up on "good morning america", all with you like doing the job you love without leaving home? the experts show you how after your morning news. i'm rob nelson. >>> 73 degrees at on t
. >>> a developing story from afghanistan. monday was a deadly day for international forces. nato says five u.s. troops and the british soldiers were killed in separate bombings around that country. 14 u.s. and international troops have been killed in afghanistan this month. >>> 78 of the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. rough weather is delaying efforts to contain the oil. choppy seas have kept skimming boats in port. the oil has reached every gulf coast states. bp says its first relief wells should be finished in early next month. one expert says the company will need another oilwell to completely stop the leak. >>> the justice department has decided to file a lawsuit against arizona over its immigration law. it could be filed as early as today. the government will argue the federal law takes precedence over state law. the law gives police the power to question anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. >>> 6:07 on this tuesday. still ahead, your mail could be on the verge of getting a lot more expensive. we will tell you why. >>> why fewer trains are running during the back to work r
people still live in tent communities. despite billions of u.s. dollars pledged, mounds of debris remain throughout the city of port- au-prince. >>> congress is back in session. democratic senators will need to get 60 votes to push through the financial overhaul bill. before the week-long independence day break, democrats did not have the votes they needed, but now at least one democrat and a handful of republicans have been won over. >>> a d.c. council is holding an emergency meeting today to find out what caused so many power outages in the heat wave last week. couzens went without power and air conditioning for days. -- thousands went without. pepco is planning to work with the council. rupp >>> bill, maryland -- rockville residents can rest easy now that a second water main repair is complete. >>> two men are in custody after a impersonating police officers. courtney robinson is reporting from langley park. >> we understand from two sources that at least one of these men worked as a security guard for a company that provides security for a bid for a station apartments, where everyth
confirmation we got was from the usgs, the u.s. geological survey. they are in the process of giving us all the details. randy is on the phone from the usgs. can you hear me? >> good morning. >> thank you for calling us today. what can you tell us about this earthquake? >> this earthquake happened at 5:04. most people in that area are quite aware that. a preliminary magnitude of 3.6. it was located about 10 miles northwest of rockville. it occurred at a depth of about 3 miles. >> we are looking for a little perspective. are you able to tell us -- we know these happen from time to time in our region, but this one seems it was done with and what we are used to. >> that is true. searching through my records, the last quake that you had in this area was made of 2008, a magnitude 2.0. going back a few years farther than that, there was a 2.7 that occurred in 1993. it looks like every several years, you get some kind of earthquake occurring in this area. but this one certainly is one of the larger ones and probably the most felt that has occurred in your area. >> that is another interesting thin
is unwinnable and not something the u.s. wanted to be engaged in. his comments were captured on you tube. >> this made angry, upset. >> those statements are wildly inaccurate. >> unacceptable comment. >> lindsay graham and john mccain said it's up to steal to de s decide if he's capable of leading party. >> general petraeus has months to show progress. president barack obama wants to withdrawal forces beginning next july. joe biden is urging rival iraqui politicians to select new leaders for wobbly democracy. he spoke to them during a surprise visit to the baghdad. they're still negotiated for will lead the government. meanwhile, attacks yesterday in two cities left four people dead. on day 77 in the oil disaster in the gulf. clean up the spill again. choppy seas have left boats in port. rough seas have not stopped the wail. the largest skim er to come breath another day of trials and oil is expected to now to enter a crept. the gulfstream could carry it toward pristine beaches up the east coast as well. still ahead on good morning washing top how the metro region marked the birthda
at the university of nevada-las vegas. >>> the federal appeals court has rejected the u.s. government effort to keep a deepwater drilling moratorium in place. the interior department said it was necessary while studying the risk. the appeals court ruled that the federal government failed to show it would suffer irreparable injuries if the ban was not restored. >>> day 81 of the gulf coast oil spill, concerns growing about air quality. the epa says that the air in some towns along the louisiana coast poses a moderate health risk. anyone unusually sensitive should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. >>> 14 people are dead in pakistan, more than 100 others injured after a suicide bombing along the afghanistan border. that left the commercial -- that blast struck a commercial area. far no one has claimed responsibility. >>> still ahead, the showdown to save a local school is over. we will hear from emotional parents and students about the decision to close clifton elementary. >>> metro is making over the rosslyn station. we will tell you what the changes will mean for passengers. changes will mean for p
during this longest out of long-term joblessness in the u.s. since the great depression. >> i am an attorney not even able to get a job at a retail store. >> emergency relief will be extended through november under this new bill. with the slow economic recovery, this issue will likely be revisited. pamela brown reporting from capitol hill. >> thank you. >>> elena kagan could be a step closer to taking a seat on the supreme court's own. the senate judiciary committee will vote on the nomination today. democrats have the votes they need to send her nomination to the senate floor. she is expecting to be confirmed before the senate leaves for its august recess. >>> a murder mystery that stretches across the country. police in oakland, california are looking for whoever shot and killed a fairfax county man visiting for a job interview. brianne carter has the latest from the investigation and reactions from a schock neighbourhood. >> car breaks for the family in this fairfax community. 45-year-old jin hong kang is described as the best father and husband. he was hours away from an inte
for the missing u.s. sailor in afghanistan. >>> a fire displaces it some people. the latest o ♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >>> residents of a high rise have been forced from their apartment after a fire broke out. 6700 block of belcrest. no one was hurt. >>> montgomery county, on barnesville road, a train struck a man on sunday. on sunday they found a man's body at another spot. >>> police are investigating the vandalism at the synagogue as a hate crime. someone penalized the building, spray-painted anti-semitic graffiti on walls and light posts and mailboxes on two new box houses, they painted several swastikas on the properties. >>> one of two u.s. soldiers reported missing on friday is confirmed dead. his
be in the country illegally. and a provision for illegal immigrants to apply for work was also blocked. the u.s. justice the province said, "while we understand the frustrations of arizonans, a patchwork of state and local policies would seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement ." the attorney general says one state's decision puts more pressure on the federal grant. >> the federal government has an obligation to fix our broken immigration system. >> the law still goes into effect today with those blocked provisions. >>> a frightening attack has local detectives on alert. arlington county police have released a sketch of the man they say sexually assaulted a 7- year-old girl in arlington. courtney robinson is live with the search for a dangerous suspect. good morning. >> good morning. arlington officers are still looking for this man. it happened during daylight hours. 5:30 in the evening on sunday inside of this wooden castle just feet from a laundromat. officers tell us it was this man who sexually assaulted a 7-year- old girl inside of this castle. it happened as her mother washed c
arrested in arlington are in custody. at 2:00 this afternoon and they will be in u.s. district court facing a judge who will determine whether they will remain in custody and possibly we will learn more about the alleged spy ring. prosecutors say the evidence against 11 alleged russian spies is overwhelming. for arlington residents, the local ties to three are shocking. >> i did not expect anything like that around here. >> off the 20 something mikhail semenko scene in front of the capital works at a small travel agencies. he frequented embassy functions and is fluent in many languages was also described as quirky and awkward according to charging documents. the fbi set up a sting with an undercover agent meeting with him, giving him $5,000 in cash and telling him to drop it at an arlington park. agents said that he did and they have the video to prove it. >> that's unbelievable. >> patricia mills and michael zottoli, a couple prosecutors say lived together in crystal city as husband and wife with two young children. they had contact with co- conspirators with coded messages sent by compute
. of course they are alive and well. u.s. capitol police are investigating. >>> president obama is expected to make a controversial appointment. dr. dr. donald berwick. he was criticized by republicans for making comments in the past about rationing health care. >>> the coast guard's is another container ship is partially connected to the blown-out oilwell. choppy seas are still keeping skimming boats in port. bp says work on two relief wells to stop the oil leak is ahead of schedule. >>> still ahead, the stage is set'for s immigration site -- the stage is set for arizona's immigration fight. >> a hollywood starlets is heading to the slammer. >> how much longer or will this summer's corridor stick around? we will be right back. [ male announcer ] your tv is starting to feel nervous. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's tim
. the u.s. airways flight was delayed because of the storm. a passenger began making inappropriate and threatening comments. the passenger was removed from fbi flight while the sp questioned him. >>> a prince george's county grand jury has indicted a 28- year-old santa militant in the death of trooper wesley brown gunned down, of course bill applebee's last month. another man, a 27-year-old ccyril williams is also charged in the murder. >>> this weekend is the target date to permanently plug the gulf oil leak. fishery areas are being opened to fishermen as well. some are more about how quickly they will be able to make an impact. these boats could be pulling in their nets again soon. the federal government announced a major reopening of the gulf fisheries east of the mississippi. the cleanup jobs are disappearing. >> it is going to be bad. people will be out of work and all of a job. wexford 6000 people from florida to texas or working at bp's expense. with no oil near alabama or florida now, 16,000 workers jobs have disappeared. there will almost seven dozen boats involved. today,
for the spy agency more than a year. the man says he was abducted by u.s. agents. the united states denies that. >>> the vatican has extended the statute of limitations for the prosecution of priests involving the abuse of minors and the mentally disabled. it's part of a new set of rules to prevent abuse. the bulls ar>>> 6 assaad 45 on s thursday, the economic outlook depends on who you ask. the white house was pushing the pilot of the stimulus plan on yesterday, but there's along and ahead on the path to recovery. pamela bown has more details. >> good morning. there's a lot going on today on the economic front. facing criticism, president obama will be in michigan today to promote investments of the future. he will attend the groundbreaking ceremony for an electrical vehicle battery manufacturer today. investments in electric vehicles will create thousands of jobs in the united states. in washington we are hearing some mixed messages about the economy. if the federal reserve said the economy is growing at a slower rate than expected, but does not warrant changes in policy. on the other ha
-old colton harris-moore faces prosecution for a two-year string of break-ins and the plane steps across the u.s. and was yesterday extradited from the bahamas where he was arrested on sunday. >>> a prayer service will be held for maryland teenager injured in the terror attacks in uganda. the service for 16-year-old emily kerstetter will be held at mount de sales high school. she was on a mission trip at the time of the attack. >>> the people of the gulf are holding their breath that a new containment cap will stop the flow of oil. tests on that will begin today. in a few days we should know whether it is strong enough. emily schmidt is live in northwest with the latest news. good morning. >> good morning. officials have said this new cap is the best chance of ultimately containing the oil spill. we're going to have to wait a bit longer to see if it works. bp officials had hoped to start testing it yesterday. after a day of analyzing the area around the pipe, the company and the government suddenly pushed back the deadline without explanation. they hope to test today at the earliest. it could ta
, and children, a new morning. >> the biggest state fair in the u.s., the texas state fair on "the oprah show" at 4:00 and abc 7. >>> welcome back. we have some news for your health. the food and drug administration is being urged to remove its approval of the drug avastin for breast cancer. the risk and side-effects are set out with the benefits. a trial shows it delayed the progression of the disease, but follow-up studies have failed to show sustainability. >>> the national coffee association says one out of every three young adults is a coffee drinker, but doctors say they are drinking high calorie drinks in many cases, which are loaded with sugar and fat. it's provides no nutritional value. >> and they get hooked on caffeine early. >> i don't think anyone is drinking them for their nutritional value. >> 6:24 on this wednesday. we have another half hour left. >> coming up, a tropical storm brewing in the atlantic could stall efforts to contain the book -- oil spill in the gulf. >>> we are seeing a little shift in the weather pattern finally. i feel like a broken record to look inside a m
thundershowers. u.s. and far between. if better chance of storms tomorrow. a few degrees warmer, 94 tomorrow. >>> we checked with newschopper 7. they looked at a signal still out on 29 at industrial parkway. now they are on randolph road at the garden gate drive, still wrestling with getting the power back on. both directions at randolph road are dual between columbia pike and rockville pike. on 270 southbound there's a crash coming out of frederick before 109 in the left lane, the left lane is closed. virginia traffic on i-95 and 395, i would stay with it. -- both directions at randolph road doable between columbia pike and rockville pike. >> still ahead tom adamec is mandating diversity. > >>> breaking developments from pakistan. all 152 passengers on board that plane we've been telling you about our dead after the passenger airplane crashed outside the capital city of islamabad. if >> it was trying to land when it went down. the weather was bad at the time of the crash. all 152 people on board have been confirmed dead. >>> crews are still working to restore electricity after the recent st
in the u.s. to become taxpaying citizens. opponents call that amnesty. >>> 3 people from northern virginia accused in the russian spy scandal will be back in court in alexandria today. in new york city yesterday a judge granted bail to a yonkers resident. another suspect, juan lazaro, confessed that he worked for russia oppose the intelligence service. >>> still ahead, the holiday getaway, we will go live to annapolis for an update. we will also see how to celebrate if you are staying closer to home. >> america's favorite love triangle dominates the weekend >> i am the race director of the capital criteria and. we are going to be rocking and rolling on sunday, july 11 right here on pennsylvania avenue, america's main street. come join us. >> good morning, washington. >> i did notice a guy cycling to work in rosslyn behind me. it's a perfectly to be doing that. you hardly break a sweat. it's very comfortable in sight now with temperatures mostly in the '50s. even in the 40's far west of the metro area in the shenandoah valley and westward. sixty in falls church. upper marlboro at 58. a lot
the rule that puts a three-hour limit on tarmac delays is harming travelers more than helping them. the u.s. transportation department disputes those findings. two airline consultants compiled a new study and they say that the rule hurts tablas because it leads airlines to cancel more flights in an effort to avoid fines -- the rule hurts passengers. >>> 76 degrees outside. >>> and animal has hurt a trainer, will have an update on his condition. >>> a new job offer for someone fired from the usda. >>> the latest twist in the rod >>> a virginia man accused of providing material support to a group linked with al qaeda will appear in court today. authorities say that zachary chesser, age 20, was arrested as he and his young son tried to board a flight from new york to uganda. he was known because of his warnings to the creators of " south park" cartoon. you're learnin>>> the average cn our area is 16 miles and take 30-35 minutes. 25% of people surveyed say that their commute is worse than a year ago. 62% say it's about the same. >>> former illinois gov. rod blagojevich said one of his attorney
the racial the debacle at the u.s. the problem of agriculture. >> the man behind that video clip at the center of the controversy is calling himself public enemy number one. mike allen joins us with more good. morning. andrew believes there is an orchestrated attempt to take him down. >> yes, he seems to be part of the whole thing because he was the one posted edited video. he said that he put up everything he had a time. it created a false impression about shirley sherrod. melly describes her as modearty red. the agriculture secretary tom vilsack jumped to conclusions about what was going on, said president obama. the president turned a little introspective, that he's told his own team that was something like this happens, when something is put on youtube or a blog, they should think it through and look into their own hearts. >> it says something about the changing landscape of journalism. the rapidity with which the white house acted with this and the department of every culture is an indication of its powers. >> a reporter asked robert gibbs why they did not check into it furt
said with this new strategy, he hopes the u.s. will be a place where infections are rare. we expect to hear from administration officials around 2:00 this afternoon. if president obama will address this later tonight. brianne carter reporting. >>> senate democrats are closer to securing votes needed to pass a bill overhauling financial regulation. olympia snowe has said she will vote for the measure, in addition to scott brown. senator harry reid will to have a vote on the bill sometime this week. >>> 6:48 on this tuesday. you probably know the full body scanners are in use at airports across the country. >> there's a backlash against this that is growing. passengers say that they are more time-consuming than the old detectors and they invade your privacy. mike allen joins us with more details on this. good to have you. >> good morning. >> you went through one. >> there are 133 of these in airports now. these are the ones that give an actual image of you. >> it shows your body naked, right? >> yes. there will be a thousand of them by the end of next year. the transportation safety a
on a no-fly list, leaving him stuck in egypt. u.s. officials finally removed him from the list. now he's back in west virginia. >>> there is still no clear solution in the gulf. the oil was capped, but there's disagreement on how to proceed and concerned about a possible methane leak. >> for the fourth day in a row, there's no oil leaking. the pressure is holding steady. the question of what to do next is building. bp likes it the way it is. >> we are hopeful that as the encouraging signs continue, we will be able to continue the integrity tests all the way to the point that we get the oil well killed. there's no target set to open the oil well back up to a slow. >> on sunday thad allen said there is an unidentified leak. the pressure testing that was scheduled to wrap up will continue in 24-hour increments. a government source said there could be leaking methane. scientists have for about potential leaks and it's one reason the government wants to reopen the cap and siphon oil to the service. >> they should be able to get a good number on what the oil flow is. >> bp has spent $207 mil
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